Shopping for clothing online has it’s pros and cons.


  1. Wider selection
  2. Easier price comparison
  3. Less likely to buy things your friends have bought
  4. Not actually having to leave the comfort of your house
  5. A plethora of reviews to read through
  6. Product description that is unavailable to you in a store
  7. Ease of finding similar items
  8. Not having to wonder how many people have tried on that piece BEFORE you
  9. No awkward conversation with people you run into at the store
  10. Being able to multitask while shopping (I.E. watching cat videos, pigging out on nachos, waiting for you kids basketball practice to end)



  1. You can’t try things on
  2. Waiting for delivery
  3. Having too many options 

It’s possible that we are a little bias on this topic. But our bias can benefit you! Let us help you make your online shopping experience a little less painless!


For those of you who doesn’t know what to do with the all numbers on the size chart, we’ve got you covered.


Most of the time, the size number itself is an indication of the child’s age. However, as you can see in the average classroom, age doesn’t really determine how big or small a child is.


When buying for small children, remember to take into consideration the diapers the wear. Especially for swimsuits, its easy to forget that some kids wear their swimsuits OVER their diapers. This will probably push the sizing up a little.


So how do you figure out what size you should be buying in? Simple, look for a size chart. Ours is here: LINK


Now what do these numbers really mean? Where exactly should you put the measuring tape? We’ve got you covered!



To measure the chest, just put the tape around your torso, across the fullest part of the chest. For kids, there’s a lot of wiggle room, since there’s not a huge variation. So if they’re squirmish about you reaching under their armpits, just know it doesn’t have to be exactly perfect. It’s important that they don’t have their arms raised up, because this can make the measurements appear smaller, instead instruct them to just relax and put their hands at their sides.


To measure the Hip, stand with your heels together, this prevents your hips from being tilted one way or another which makes for inaccurate measurements. Measure around the body at the fullest part of the hips.



To measure the chest, bring the tape around your torso and measure the fullest part of the chest. Make sure that the arms are relaxed and at the sides of the body or it can distort the measurements.


To measure the waist, bring the tape measurement around your waist at the belly button.



It’s important to note that the same ½ in difference will affect the fit for kids way more than adults. If you’re off by a ½ in on an adult article, you can hardly tell the difference, but on kids clothing, it becomes way more apparent. So make sure you keep that in mind.


Also keep in mind that Swimsuits stretch, it’s better that it hugs your body than if it were loose, because when swimwear has been in water for a long period of time, no matter how great the fabric quality, it will stretch.