Plan a winter pool party 

When we think pool party, we think sunshine, BBQ, and everything else that comes in the summertime. But as fun as pool parties can be, often times, by July you’ve gone to so many that the smell of chlorine seems to linger on all your cute summer clothes. Maybe it’s true, pool parties are a bit cliché; but what about in the winter time?

No one really thinks to throw a pool party in the winter, but maybe that’s exactly why you should!

Perks of renting out an indoor pool:

  • Its less exposure to the sun: means the kids can play for as long as they want
  • Its Less expensive than if you were to rent it out during the summer
  • Its easier to book than in the summer
  • Its a breath of fresh air: because no one else is throwing pool parties
  • One word: Jacuzzi
  • It’s a more confined area than most outdoor pools: so its easier to keep an eye on the kids
  • You won’t need to clean your house: we all know your house isn’t naturally spotless
  • You can play Olaf’s “In Summer” song over and over again: it’s basically the theme song of your ‘summer in the winter’ party
  • Most public pool facilities have staff who are trained to work with kids: which means they have a huge repertoire of games that the kids are guaranteed to love
  • The possibilities are basically endless



There’s something about bringing a little bit of summer into the cold winter months that adds a sprinkle of magic to the whole occasion. Because let’s be honest, we all wish it was summer all year long.


Snack ideas:

  • Blue Jello with Swedish fish sticking out
  • Goldfish crackers put into fish bowls
  • Beach themed cake
    • make any cake into a beach themed cake by adding a layer of crushed graham crackers and sticking some cocktail umbrellas to look like sand and beach umbrellas. Add an extra fun touch by putting a few gummy bears lounging on airhead sour strips (beach towels).
  • Sand pudding
    • Layer crushed vanilla wafers and vanilla pudding into a summer sand bucket. Add a fun touch by letting the kids scoop it out with a beach shovel.


Fun Games:

  • Sandbox treasure hunt:
    • Fill a plastic kids pool with sand and burry little jems and small toys in it. You can time the kids, give them a shovel and a little bucket and have each child try to find as many as they can in 30 seconds. To add an extra level of challenge, you can blindfold them and just let them dig around with their bare hands. (Its probably wise to not have anything too sharp in there) Let them keep whatever they can find, the game gets harder when more and more toys are found and taken out. Here are some ideas of what you can bury:
      • Jems- come in big packs at any craft store
      • Tiny Bouncy balls
      • Antique looking keys-make sure you really don't need them
      • Small animal toys- also come in big packs
      • Gold coins- if your party is around march, there will be plenty from St. Patties day
      • Brightly painted rocks-the cooler they look the better
      • Well sealed candy- the kind you have to tear open… so the kids don’t eat tootsie rolls of sand
      • Rings- also comes in big packs at dollar stores
      • You could easily use this opportunity to subtly incorporate any relevant holidays into the party- EX: Christmas ornaments, Hanukkah dreidels, New Years glasses, Valentines love poems in tiny beach bottles, St. Patricks day gold. Etc.
  • Pool Olympics
    • Have the kids try to 'thread the needle' with hula hoops! Place a couple of hoops underwater and have them try to swim through all of them without touching the hoop! Bonus round, have the hula hoops tilted in all different directions and angles!
    • Put a twist on the classic relay races across the pool! Have the kids hold a spoon and a ping pong ball in their mouths. 
    • Make a couple of the bored parents judges! Print out a few score signs and have them judge the cannonball contests! It doesn't hurt to have a few funny numbers on the signs, like Pi, 9.99999999, and x+3/2. For an extra touch, tape the score cards onto poster boards so it's more than just a flimsy sign! 
  • The tag you're it game
    • Write something on a clothes pin like 'tag you're it!' or 'Boo!'. Then tell the kids that this is a game they're going to play through out the party! The object of the game is to not be the one who ends up with the pin at the end of the party. (Works better with older kids who understand the word 'stealth'.) One person will start out with the pin, he will discretely pin it on someone else's clothes; when the person discovers the pin (if they ever discover it) they have to discretely get rid of the pin by trying to pin it on someone else. Once your target has caught you in the act of trying to pin them, he is temporarily no longer a valid option to pin. 

    So this year, stand out above the crowd with a unique party idea!!