Looking for something that provides extra coverage for your young ones? We got you covered, Jump'N Splash has 5 brilliant rash guards perfect for girls!



Take a trip to the beach with our brand new rash guard collection: Beach Side. It's brightest and newest collection for 2016! 

Whether you're going on vacation for the holidays or heading to your local beach, our small girls rash guards are the perfect set for your cutie. Each of our rash guards comes with in a set: 2 piece (top and bottom), a pair of pink water wings, and a reusable tote bag. Our rash guards fit from 2T - 6x and what's even great about them is the UV 50+ Protection.

1. Toddler Girls Anchor Striped Rash Guard Set

Take voyage on a cruise and find yourself relaxing in the pool with your little girl wearing our Anchor Striped Rash Guard. Stripes and polka dots are a classy but very cute style for any girl. 

2. Toddler Girls Light Blue Fish Rash Guard Set

Looking for something more bright? Go for our Light Blue Fish Rash Guard, it looks amazing on any girl and you will never lose sight of her! 

(Our cute model is totally rockin' our Light Blue Fish Rash Guard!)

3. Toddler Girls Tropical Flower Rash Guard Set

Super perfect for any families going on vacation to Hawaii or any tropical paradise! Our Tropical Flower Rash Guard is bold, bright, and beautiful. The pattern flower on the bottoms is what makes this rash guard so cute, it's not your typical solid color bikini bottom. 

4. Toddler Girls Mermaid Rash Guard Set

Swim like one of the most magical creature of the sea, mermaids! I absolutely love this rash guard, it's already a favorite with many customers. Your little girl will feel and look like a pretty mermaid (without the mermaid tail). 

(*One of my favs, it looks like she's wearing mermaid tail with the pattern..so cute!)

5. Toddler Girls Whale Rash Guard Set

Fall in love with our Whale Rash Guard, it has a super cute heart pattern on the bottoms and who doesn't love the whale with a bow on the top it's head! 

All our 2016 rash guards have a ruffle bikini bottom with ruffle shoulder sleeves. 


Still looking for something else? We still have our 2015 rash guards available! Each set comes with the same accessories and UV 50+ Protected. The only difference is the style, still amazing sets! 

1. Girls Pink Cutie Rashguard Set

2. Girls Bright Green "Little Princess" Rashguard Set

3. Girls Daisies Rashguard Set

4. Girls Rainbow Hearts Rashguard Set

5. Girls Blue Flower Rashguard Set

6. Girls Pink Camouflage Rash Guard Set