Hey fans! 

It's been awhile since we last blogged about anything, we've been very busy here. We're super excited and totally can't wait for you all to see the NEW 2016 STYLES! Just wait! 

In the meantime, I have a couple of favorite swimsuits from this season, check it out: 

5. Girls Blue Stars 3 Piece Rash Guard Set w/Goggles

This 3 Piece Rash Guard Set is absolutely fabulous, I love the mix of light pink and light blue colors, along with the stars on the side of the rash guard top. It's very cute and it works really well if you prefer to have more coverage.

4. Girls Orange Flower Ruffle Tankini w/ Matching Flip-Flops & Goggles

What I really love about this swimsuit is the ruffle trim on the bottom of the tankini, it reminds me of retro dresses except in a swimsuit! It's full a full bright orange color, which is the trend nowadays. Another thing I really love about this swimsuit is the bikini bottoms, the hips have the design print and provides extra strength and style. Don't forget the matching flip-flops! 

3. Girls Zig Zag Bikini w/ Matching Flip-Flops & Goggles 

I really love the print on this bikini swimsuit, it totally makes me think it's summer time and to have fun! The design of the swimsuit is a great choice for pre-teens, the cross back top gives it more style and extra support than the typical bikini tops. 

2. Girls Blue Confetti Tutu One Piece


This one piece swimsuit has a very sweet and elegant design, a one piece covered tutu will make any toddler look precious! What I like about this swimsuit its how simple it is but bold with the confetti print. 

1. Girls Lavender Daisy Tankini

Lastly my favorite! Our Lavender Daisy Tankini, what I really love about the tankini style is the cute bows attached to the straps and end of the top. This swimsuit has the perfect mix if purple and pink (my favorite mix of colors). I've seen it on toddler girls and this swimsuit is just adorable! 


Our toddler girl swimsuits debuted this year and sold so fast we couldn't believe it! What are your 5 favorite swimsuits? Comment below! 


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