The beach is one of the most popular and fun places to be especially during hot days! We have some safety tips while at the beach: 

1. Swim only between the red and yellow flags 

2. Don't swim when you're on medication or if you have had a couple of drinks 

3. Always swim with a buddy and stay close to shore

4. Always be under the supervision of an adult especially if there kids under the age of 13

5. Check the weather and water conditions (you never know there might be a high tide)

6. Apply sun block! It's the best prevention from any skin problems, be sure to put some on once you get out of the water 

7. Stay away from rocks! 

8. Use emergency intercoms near the first aid or life guard stations 

9. Never leave you belongings unattended! (you never know a seagull might end up flying away with you food or worse..)

10. Lastly, pay attention to safety advice from lifeguards on duty.


Let's be safe out there!