Here are 5 Jump'N Splash Safety Tips: 

1. Swim with a buddy

Kids who aren't confident swimming in water should always swim with a friend or parent who have more experience with it. 

2. Wear proper swim attire

Ding-ding-ding! All our swimwear is properly fit for a dip in the pool and what's even better is every single swimsuit is UV 50+, light and durable. Kids shouldn't take a swim with heavy clothing material, it will weigh them down and makes it difficult to get back up on the surface. 

3. Check your surrounding

If you're at the beach be sure to know tides, rips, or currents and be sure to watch out for rocks or any wild life animals! When you're at the pool be sure to check how deep the pool is by looking for number on the edge of the pool, you don't want to go too deep! 

4. Using Floaties or Water Wings 

If you have confidence in swimming but need a little help, try using a floatation device such as our Jump'N Splash water wings. Be sure to only use these if you know how to swim! Any child who uses a floatation device should be kept watch, just in case anything goes wrong. 

5. Learn CPR!

The most important tip that every parent should know is how to use CPR. It's one of the most necessary tools a person can learn and can save a child's life! 

AND lastly....Be sure to have fun!!